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The Best Places for a Morning Jog in Gibraltar

by aaronbarry
11 October 2017 · 3 min read
Morning Jog in Gibraltar

While some of us may see any form of exercise on holiday as painful, unnecessary and interruptive of our time that should be spent relaxing, going on a jog abroad can be a great experience.

Jogging is a great way to rejuvenate yourself and increase your energy and is even more enjoyable when you are in Gibraltar as you can almost always count on there being sunshine and a refreshing sea breeze to keep you going.

If you are holidaying in Gibraltar and fancy getting in some light exercise in between your sunbathing sessions, read on to discover some of our favourite jogging spots.

After spending your afternoon jogging along the beach and taking in the gorgeous scenery, you can then spend a relaxing evening unwinding and watching the sunset at the O’Callaghan Gibraltar Hotel.

Sandy Bay

Sandy Bay

If stretches of white sand and crystal blue sea are your thing, take some time out and clear your head with a brisk jog along the Sandy Bay beach. The beach is small and is also situated on the opposite side of The Rock from the main city, so you’re likely to find that it will be more than peaceful than other spots you may choose. After you’ve worked up a sweat, take a dip in the gorgeous sea to cool off and relax.

The Rock of Gibraltar

If you consider yourself to be a more experienced jogger and fancy testing your physical fitness during your holiday, you could opt for a challenging expedition up the Rock of Gibraltar. The climb to the top is 2-3 miles, so allocate a bit more time to tackle this one. If you’re feeling tired, take a break and appreciate the stunning scenery and sunny weather.

After this particular route you’re likely to be feeling tired and in need of some relaxation, so why not retire to your room in one of our hotels in Gibraltar for a restorative dinner and drinks?

Mediterranean steps

This gorgeous path is located entirely within the Upper Rock Nature Reserve and will take you from Jew’s Gate all the way to O’Hara’s Battery, close to the summit of the rock. Marvel at the views, but be warned that you will reach quite a height when climbing these steps, so it’s not one for the faint-hearted. If you’re walking in the summer, go earlier in the morning to avoid the sweltering heat or late in the afternoon when you will be able to benefit from some much needed shade.

Gibraltar Nature Reserve

rock of gibraltar

If you see a jog outside as a perfect opportunity to connect with nature, this is the ideal spot for you to break a sweat and blow off any jetlag. The reserve is located on the upper part of the Rock of Gibraltar and can be reached by a cable car. If you’re visiting in the spring or autumn months, you may also be able to take part in a spot of birdwatching, as the rock is home to a number of migrating birds including eagles and buzzards.

After an early morning or late afternoon climb, put your feet up in a gorgeous suite at the O’Callaghan Gibraltar Hotel.

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