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    Gibraltar has so much to offer our visitors; around each corner in the town visitors will see the influences from Andalucía and Britain. There are numerous day trips to beautiful beaches on the Costa de Sol or to experience a different culture Algeciras or Tangiers.

    Activities such as golf, dolphin watching, catching a cable car to the Rock or visiting St Michael’s Cave are all easily accessed from the O’Callaghan Eliott Hotel.

    The O’Callaghan Eliott Hotel team would be happy to help you arrange your trip to Gibraltar or make suggestions.


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    Getting to and from the Davenport Hotel in Dublin, Ireland couldn’t be easier.

    • Gibraltar airport is 10 minutes drive from the hotel.
    • The hotel can arrange for a taxi for you to go anywhere in Gibraltar.
    • There is no rail service in Gibraltar but there is a regular bus service.
    • On foot: On leaving the hotel it only takes two rights to get to Main Street and from here you can shop, eat and take in the attractions including a tour to the Rock.

    For a short stay there is no need to arrange car hire. The team in the hotel will be happy to recommend the best mode of transport for you depending on your needs.

  • Wi-Fi

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    The hotel recently upgraded their wireless broadband to offer seamless roaming and improved high-speed coverage throughout.

    As part of this upgrade, we also offer the latest and toughest standard-based security for wireless internet access. The wi-fi is included for bookings made online.

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