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Gibraltar Weather, Temperature and Climate

by aaronbarry
03 February 2017 · 3 min read
A nice sunny day in Gibraltar near the Eliott Hotel

More than just a home away from home for British sunseekers, the island of Gibraltar also has the arresting views and natural attractions you would expect to find in the Mediterranean.

Gibraltar holidays introduce you to this British outpost’s attractive old town and small sandy beaches. All of which are easily reachable within a compact area.

Gibraltar is also a base for exploring nearby parts of Spain. Just beyond the airport is the Spanish border town of La Linea de la Concepcion, so close that many visitors and Gibraltarians stroll there to eat dinner in beachside restaurants.  The Western beaches of the Costa Del Sol and the glamorous resort of Marbella are within easy reach for a day trip.

As the British love to talk about the weather, what is the Gibraltar weather like when compared to the UK?

Gibraltar Climate

The climate of Gibraltar is Mediterranean/subtropical with mild winters and warm summers. There are two main prevailing winds. The easterly wind is known as the Levante coming from the Sahara in Africa which brings humid weather and warmer seas.

The other is the Poniente which is a westerly wind and brings fresh air and colder sea. The terrain of Gibraltar consists of the 426-metre-high Rock of Gibraltar and the narrow coastal lowland surrounding it. Rain occurs mainly in winter and the summers are usually dry.

Best Time to Visit Gibraltar

The best time to visit Gibraltar often falls around the Autumn. The Mediterranean Autumn occurs during August and September.

Like Spain, this is the time of year that has the most comfortable weather. Autumn is favourable because, during this time, many tourists have left the country to go back to work following the summer break.

If it is not the climate, people notice the drop in prices in the market after the peak summer season. Accommodation process is more competitive out of peak season, and booking directly with the Eliott Hotel Gibraltar will also save you an extra 10%, making for a reasonably priced holiday.

Another great time of the year to visit Gibraltar is in the spring, from the middle of March to the end of May. His period also has the most ideal climate in the country. There isn’t much of a difference between autumn and spring because Gibraltar has a very small territory that looks the same all year round. The common denominator between spring and autumn is the lack of intense sunlight during daytime.

Average Temperatures In Gibraltar


Gibraltar Weather Average Temperature Trends
Gibraltar Weather Average Temperature Trends on Holiday-Weather.com

The average annual temperature of Gibraltar is 18°C: 21°C during the day and 15°C during the night.

In the coldest month is January. The temperature typically ranges from 11 – 18°C during the day and from 9 – 14°C at night. The average sea temperature this time of the year is 15 – 16°C.

In the warmest month is August. The typical temperature in Gibraltar during August ranges from 25 – 31°C in the day and usually stays above 20°C at night. The average sea temperature is 22°C.

The highest temperature ever recorded is 40.6°C in July 1994. The lowest temperature ever recorded is 0.0°C in January 1978.

Gibraltar Weather Forcast

If you’re coming this week, you can see the Gibraltar weather forecast for today and the following 7 days below. Planning a trip, be sure to check back to this article for an update on the weather in Gibraltar.

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