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Best Photo Spots in Gibraltar

by aaronbarry
02 August 2017 · 2 min read
photo spot

After enjoying an amazing Gibraltar holiday it’s always good to have something to remember it by and there’s no better memento than a photo album. Putting together a collection of holiday photos lets you share your experience with family and friends on social media. Gibraltar is a place teeming with breathtaking scenery and amazing landmarks just begging to be snapped by a keen photographer. If you have an eye for photography and you want to take some pictures that will look amazing in your collection, then this guide will help you find the best photo spots around Gibraltar.

Nature Reserve

The nature reserve found on the Rock of Gibraltar is teeming with amazing photo opportunities, from wildlife and greenery to structures and landmarks. Head up the rock and snap a picture of one the famous local Barberry Apes, if you manage to find one that stays still for long enough that is! Look out over the amazing landscape and get some breathtaking photos that are sure to make your family and friends jealous. At The Eliott we strive to be the best hotel in Gibraltar by always giving you the best and latest information to make your holiday more memorable. Be sure to ask our friendly staff where they think the best photo spots are and share your shots with us.

Europa Point

Europa Point is a hotspot for photographers, bloggers and those who love amazing scenery. Stroll along the ocean’s edge and look out over the Mediterranean Sea as you try to find the best angle for your shot. The main attraction at Europa Point is the quaint red and white lighthouse which stands boldly in front of the blue sea. The contrast between the lighthouse and the water makes for a beautifully compelling shot. This spot is around a 50-minute walk from The Eliott Hotel Gibraltar which means that you can spend the afternoon strolling through natural scenery snapping other photos along the way.

Mediterranean Steps

Head to this tourist hotspot for some of the best photos you’ll take on your entire holiday. Make your way up the footpath that intertwines though beautiful mountains and natural fauna. If you feel like taking a trek during your stay in Gibraltar then this is the ultimate route to take. When you get to the top of the path you’ll be rewarded with some of the most amazing views on the continent. Snap a shot of the highest point in Gibraltar from the top of the Mediterranean Steps and check out the famous O’Hara’s Battery.

Catalan Bay

This quaint little coastal district is the perfect location to capture a calm seascape shot. The warm sand and clear water make an ideal composition to illustrate the peaceful atmosphere of Gibraltar. Along the seafront is a beautiful collection of different coloured houses and cabins, which make for a vibrant, saturated picture. Just behind the houses sits a white rocky mountain range which is covered in lush greenery. Stand parallel with the water’s edge, line up your lens properly and you’ll get the ultimate shot that incorporates the sea, the sand, the houses and the mountains.

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