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The Eliott Hotel Gibraltar is located close to many of the top tourist attractions. Stunning views and interesting historical sites are all a pleasant walk away. Lots of popular UK stores are also within walking distance, as are an abundance of restaurants and bars.

The Rock of Gibraltar

Located in the southern tip of Spain, Gibraltar is an isle of sun featuring a majestic Rock, made of Jurassic Limestone, some 200 million years old! In addition to its temperate climate making for an all year round destination and its VAT-free shopping, The Rock of Gibraltar offers breathtaking panoramic ocean views, sailing and snorkeling, fine dining, historical tours and natural trails.

The rock of Gibraltar is also home of beautiful hiking sites. If you are seeking out for adventures, Gibraltar has wonderful walking trails. From the Mediterranean steps to St Michael’s cave, Gibraltar’s area has a lot to offer.

St Michael’s Cave

St Michael’s Cave has interested visitors to Gibraltar ever since the days of the Romans. Located within the Upper Rock Nature Reserve, the cave was long believed to be bottomless. Only at a fifteen minutes driving distance from The Eliott, St Michael’s cave is a natural wonder that hasn’t stop marking visitors with its impressive descending grottoes and imposing stalactite and stalagmite formation.

Ape’s Den

Visit the Apes’ Den, home to some of Gibraltar’s famous Barbary macaques, the only free-to-roam primates in Europe. Considered as one of the city’s iconic attraction, visitors get the opportunity to get close from the Apes in their natural habitat. Pay close attention their inquisitiveness, they might end up stealing your snacks!

Great Siege Tunnels

The labyrinth of tunnels known as The Great Siege Tunnels are perhaps the most impressive defense system devised by man. Full of history and cultural heritage, the tunnels will transport you back in time.

Moorish Castle

Dating back to the 11th century, this “Tower of Homage” is all that remains of the original castle complex that once stretched all the way down to Casemates Square, at the north end of Main Street.

Ocean Village

The most sheltered marina in the region with close-up views of Africa some 14km across the Straits. Suspended above the water’s edge, the piers house multiple international international restaurants.

Gibraltar’s Old Town

Families, solo traveler or with your significant other, wondering around Gibraltar’s bustling streets will suit all. Mixing Spanish architecture and English-style pubs and shops, Gibraltar’s old town never runs out of fun activities to do. Visitors will be able to wander around the old town’s buildings, sit at a traditional cafe and discover local shops.

Duty Free Shopping

Considered a shopper’s paradise, Gibraltar has plenty to offer to its visitors. Let yourself be tempted by the city’s international and local shops at reduced costs. Due to its VAT free status, you’ll love to shop your favorite items across Gibraltar at exceptional prices. Get all the advantages of shopping without feeling conscious of over-spending!

The Cable Car and its Surroundings

The cable car is a must-do attraction when passing by Gibraltar. Situated at a 10-minutes’ walk from The Eliott, the site offers the best view on the Rock and Nature Reserve. Breath-taking all year long, the area has a point of access to the SkyWalk which offers a magnificent 360º point of view spanning three countries and two continents. Accessible from the cable car, travelers can get the chance to visit the Windsor Suspension Bridge, a 71 meter dose of adventurous sensations.

Getting to Gibraltar

Gibraltar has in very own airport with direct flights from UK and Morocco. View the different way to travel to Gibraltar whether it is by air or by roads.

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Read our blog for the best places to visit plus extra insider tips. Experience Gibraltar like a local and make the best of your stay.

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Our Location

Located at the very heart of Gibraltar, just 2 km from the Gibraltar Airport and border. The hotel is next to the Main Street and close to Gibraltar harbour and the Cable Car Station.

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