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A sunny escape

The Eliott Hotel Gibraltar is located close to many of the top tourist attractions. Stunning views and interesting historical sites are all a pleasant walk away. Lots of popular UK stores are also within walking distance, as are an abundance of restaurants and bars.

The Rock of Gibraltar

Located in the southern tip of Spain, Gibraltar is an isle of sun featuring a majestic Rock, made of Jurassic Limestone, some 200 million years old! In addition to its temperate climate making for an all year round destination and its VAT-free shopping, The Rock of Gibraltar offers breathtaking panoramic ocean views, sailing and snorkelling, fine dining, historical tours and natural trails.

St Michael’s Cave

St Michael’s Cave has interested visitors to Gibraltar ever since the days of the Romans. Located within the Upper Rock Nature Reserve, the cave was long believed to be bottomless. 

Ape’s Den

Visit the Apes’ Den, home to some of Gibraltar’s famous Barbary macaques, the only free-to-roam primates in Europe.

Great Siege Tunnels

The labyrinth of tunnels known as The Great Siege Tunnels are perhaps the most impressive defence system devised by man.

Moorish Castle

Dating back to the 11th century, this “Tower of Homage” is all that remains of the original castle complex that once stretched all the way down to Casemates Square, at the north end of Main Street.

Ocean Village

The most sheltered marina in the region with close-up views of Africa some 14km across the Straits.

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