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A Guide to the Gibraltar National Museum

by aaronbarry
27 September 2017 · 3 min read
People in exploring the Gibraltar Museum

As a historic and culturally significant destination, Gibraltar is full of amazing things to discover. Throughout history, the coastal zones and natural landscape have been the location of significant and notable events including military conflicts and social revolution.

A trip to the wonderful Gibraltar Museum gives you a unique opportunity to travel through the historic timeline of the area and uncover all sorts of amazing artefacts and information. We strive to be the best hotel in Gibraltar so we’ve put together this ultimate guide to help you learn more about the Gibraltar Museum and its history. Be sure to take a stroll to this historic institute and make the most of your time at The Eliott Hotel Gibraltar.


Gibraltar National Museum

The museum itself was founded in 1930 by the then Governor of Gibraltar, Sir Alexander Godley. It was built to house the ever growing collection of materials that showcase the rich history of the area. Since the seventh century, Gibraltar has been a contentious region which has led to countless historic events. Although it is now a British Overseas Territory, Gibraltar has been occupied and inhabited by different cultures from around the world. From Moorish settlers to Morrocon Marinids, the coastal territory has been furiously fought over for generations.

One good thing that came from the centuries of conflict is the rich culture and historic treasures left behind by past civilisations. The mixture of nationalities throughout Gibraltar’s history has resulted in a rich mixing pot of culture. There are endless stories to hear and secrets to uncover at the museum, along with hundreds of unique items and relics that paint a vivid picture of the past.


When the Gibraltar Museum was founded its aim was to document and showcase the thousands of ancient artefacts and historical items hidden around Gibraltar. For decades the dedicated team of historians and specialists at the museum have devoted their lives to uncovering the secrets of the Upper Rock and surrounding areas.

The staff at the museum are divided into different departments, each specialising in a different area of research. The Caving Unit is responsible for exploring the intricate underground tunnels and caves around Gibraltar, in search of artefacts. As a coastal region, Gibraltar was often attacked by boats and water vessels which means there are all sorts of treasures to find in the depths of the surrounding sea. The museum has a team dedicated to discovering, restoring and preserving hidden relics found in the waters of Gibraltar.


As you step into the museum you’ll be left speechless by the huge scale model of Gibraltar that sits proudly in the centre of the main hall. The incredible attention to detail makes you feel almost like you’ve turned into a giant and you’re walking around the real Rock of Gibraltar. Some of the other exhibits on display include a series of photographs of the local landscape from decades ago. Nature lovers will love browsing the documented lists of flora and fauna that have been discovered in the region.

During your trip to the museum, be sure to check out the military collection which includes all kinds of historic artefacts such as ancient weaponry and antique armour. Learn more about the rich culture of Gibraltar and how it has been cultivated by settlers from all around the world.


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