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Gibraltar Cable Car

22 May 2017 · 2 min read
barbary apes

At the Southern end of Main street, next to Alameda botanical gardens, Gibraltar has a wonderful cable car that takes you up the Upper Rock National Park.

Years ago, the cable car was used to bring supplies up to the top of the hill that was used for sending out signals. This has been proved through remaining military buildings and the Great Siege Tunnels that have been found on top of the mountain. The first real cable car has been built in 1966. The infrastructure has been refurbished several times, with the cars in 1986 for the last time.

The cable car has two stops: The Ape’s den, where you can spot the Babary macaques and the top of the rock which is a must see.

At a speed of 5 metres per second, the journey takes approximately 6 minutes to reach your destination.

An audio tour guides you through the history of Gibraltar as you go up. Arriving at the top, terraces, Gibraltar restaurants are waiting for you to enjoy the view of eventually spot the coast of Morocco or Costa del Sol in Spain.

Open each day, the car takes you up and down the mountain until 19:45 in the evening. Tickets can be purchased online or on-site. However, they do not include any of the entrance fees required to be paid to visit the sights of the mountain such as the Moorih castle, Great Siege Tunnels, Ape’s Den and all the other sights that can be found on this gorgeous mountain.

We suggest you walk down the mountain and stop for a visit at St Michael’s cave (0.9km), which is a wonderful place also used for concerts. Can you imagine how amazing that would be? If you have any chance on getting tickets for a performance in there, it will be well worth it and the sound in there is promising!

If you’re not up for any sightseeing, why don’t you just relax, enjoy the stunning views and watch the apes doing their strangely awesome acrobatics. Experience the view of 2 continents, 3 countries and 2 oceans getting together. Impressive!

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