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Attractions Near the Eliott Hotel, Gibraltar

by aaronbarry
22 February 2017 · 2 min read

Gibraltar is an amazing place. There are just 7 miles of the property, and something for everyone, with most of it, steeped in history.

The things to see in Gibraltar will very much depend on your interests. For more city-orientated people, you will want to call on the diverse range of entertainment options that Gibraltar offers, including clubs and nightlife, while still hitting the tax-free shopping opportunities. Those who have an interest in history will take enjoyment in a plethora of sites, each offering a glimpse into Gibraltar’s fascinating past.

The Eliott Hotel Gibraltar has several attractions nearby that will appeal to all interests and tastes.

Casemate Square – 8-minute walk

Casemate Square is within walking distance of the hotel and boasts numerous restaurants, bars and pubs. It is the larger of two main squares in the city centre of Gibraltar. It is located at the end of Main Street and acts as the gateway into Gibraltar’s city centre for most tourists.

Ocean Village – 15-minute walk

Ocean Village is a complex surrounded by breath-taking views of the ocean and bursting with life. It is the perfect place to spend an afternoon lunch or an evening out with friends and family. Several tours run from the village, including dolphin watching, and it is just a short walk from Main Street. There are small boutique shops within the village, ideal for souvenirs and snacks, places ideal for pre-drinks, nightclubs and a casino too. There is something at Ocean Village for all ages.

Ocean Village is one of the most sought after hideaways distinguished by world-class yachting, sport fishing and eco-tourism, deep water marina and a perfect opportunity to see ‘how the other half live’.

Cathedral of St. Mary the Crowned – 2-minute walk

The Cathedral of St. Mary the Crowned is a Roman Catholic Cathedral in Gibraltar, located just around the corner from The Eliott Hotel. It is the primary centre of Catholic Worship in the Diocese of Gibraltar. This cathedral is located on Main Street and is worth looking around inside just to see the wonderful stained glass windows. The cathedral is a peaceful environment, and tourists need to respect this when entering. The cathedral is a place of historical interest with association to the Knights Templar. The Cathedral of St. Mary the Crowned can get very busy in high season.

Moorish Castle – 15-minute walk

Dating back to the 11th century, the ‘Tower of Homage’ is all that remains of the original castle complex. When it was built, the complex stretched all the way down to Casemates Square from the top of the hill. The Moorish Castle Complex is made up of various buildings, gates and fortified walls, but its most dominant features are The Tower of Homage and The Gate House. The Tower of Homage is an impressive sight, clearly visible to all, not only because of its striking construction but because of its dominant and strategic position. The walls of the old castle reached almost to the sea, where even today the Moorish Pier is still visible.

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