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Exploring Gibraltar

5 Reasons Why You Should visit Gibraltar

25 July 2017 · 3 min read

The Perfect Location for Wonderful Sunsets

Gibraltar is the country of sunshine with its Mediterranean climate and therefore most of the year, you can be sure that during your visit you will have the opportunity to go to a nice dinner or just for a walk to the harbour and watch the beautiful sunset.  Our favourite place is Europa Point where you have the widest view of the sea – do not miss it.

Be the Tourist and Explore the Rich History at Some Excellent Sights

A historic building from the 14th century gives place to the Gibraltar Museum. It is a national museum of history, culture and natural history. It is in the city centre and just 3 minutes’ walk from us. It is open between 10AM-6PM on weekdays and between 10AM-2PM on Saturdays. You can buy tickets at the entrance for only a small fee.

If you are really interested in the history of this small country we recommend starting your history visit here in order to have a background and then you can go and visit the different places that grab your attention. If you would like to look behind the scenes and want to know more, then this museum is a must see in Gibraltar.

For example one of the most interesting things is the Great Siege Tunnels which were dug out from the solid limestone by the British during the Great Siege of Gibraltar at the end of the 18th century. Book a guided tour with Rock Tours Gibraltar to be able to feel the history around you.

Perfect Place to be Sportive

The most challenging sport is hiking that is provided by the 426 meters high Rock and the awesome Mediterranean Steps. If you do not fear heights, this is a must-try. It is a difficult trail so make sure you have everything that is necessary for a trip like this and most importantly good shoes. The view and the closeness of nature will take your breath away, making it worth the hike. The path is really narrow and sometimes rocks can fall, so for your own safety check the current condition of it from the Reserve authorities.

If you prefer running to hiking, just do not forget to pack your training shoes. In the early morning when it is all quiet and the air is fresh you can do your daily exercises around the Rock and either choose the west side near to the beaches or the east side in line with the harbour. Enjoy and relax while this beautiful country is waking.

Discover the Wildlife

Gibraltar offers a lot of opportunities for those who love nature on Earth, in water and in the air, too. You will be amazed at how rich the sea life is and how many different birds will cross your path.

You can observe a lot of birds during migration in Spring, as they usually stop to rest and feed before they continue their journey. Did you know that 15 different seagulls can be found in Gibraltar – just to highlight one interesting fact about the birds? For more information about birds visit the website of The Gibraltar Ornithological & Natural History Society.

And of course do not forget about the monkeys. The apes have been living on the Rock for centuries. They are the only monkey population in Europe however they are native of Africa. They are half-wild as they are fed everyday. Do not forget during your trip it is their home and you are the guest! Take care of your belongings and do not eat while you are on your tour.

Taste the Local Cuisine

Gibraltar is a real multi-cultural place where you can taste the world. Of course, they have their own specialities like Calentita made from chickpea flour or the Rolitos, which is a thin slice of beef surrounding breadcrumbs, bacon, eggs, olives, vegetables and herbs. These can be baked, fried or cooked in wine.

It does not matter if you prefer Italian, Indian, British, Spanish, Thai or American dish, you can be sure you will find your own favourite. If you are a fan of fish meals it is a must while you are here.

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